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Foundation Certificate in Space Policy and Law [Distance Learning]

Discover how the new frontier is governed as it defines the future

Course start date: 28th October 2019

The space sector is in rapid expansion; indeed, it is undergoing a transformation. This accompanies a surge in private-sector investment in “New Space” systems, from satellite mega-constellations for communications and Earth observation, to advanced launchers like the Space-X Heavy Falcon, to space tourism, to prospection for space resources.

If you are already involved in the space sector, you will know that, with growth and change, the challenges tend increasingly to surpass whichever discipline it is in which you are qualified.

And if you aim to become involved in some way, the space sector can present a canvas of mind-bending complexity, with multiple structures and processes to take into account.

In either case, the very nature of space as a strategic field impels people of all disciplines to bear in mind major policies, legal regimes and institutions as well as the role of international agreements, procurement systems and related intellectual property and management arrangements.

This certificate aims to engender or deepen understanding in these regards so as to increase the present and future space professional’s effectiveness in this supremely challenging but exciting and rewarding sector.

This unique programme has been designed for:

  • Officials and managers in governmental organisations and industry dealing with space.
  • Entrepreneurs and their advisers and associates planning to undertake space-related activities.
  • Executives in tech banking, insurance and other financial and investment services providers to the space sector.
  • Law, political science, international relations, engineering, business management and other graduates aspiring to enter the space sector.
  • Associates, partners and employees of techoriented law firms or consultancies.
  • Academics involved in or entering tech-related teaching and research programmes.

How is the programme structured?

The course is taught in a distance learning format, with no attendance required on campus. All aspects of the programme are managed over the internet using a dedicated Virtual Learning Environment platform which manages each participant’s learning schedule.

The course will include:

• Specially filmed videos introducing significant module content in lecture format.

• Additional videos of interviews with experts from the space sector including policymakers.

• Online study materials.

• Online interactive tutorials and discussion forums.

• Online instructional exercises and coursework.

How is the course assessed?

The course will be assessed entirely by written coursework, with three written assignments testing for specific detail and for grasp of issues after each two completed modules. A final assignment will test for overall grasp of the course’s content.

Award: Certificate (equivalent to 60 credits workload, designed to academic standard)

Start date : 29th October 2018

Duration: 6 months

Language: English

Delivery: Online

Fees: £3,300 + VAT if applicable (please see Fees for more details)

• Develop a strategic insight into major space international and national regimes.

• Discover how some key space programmes are undertaken and how international cooperation takes place.

• Learn about key parts of the relevant institutional environment.

• Explore key risks and legal implications of space operations.

• Examine major tools of the space business including space procurement, launch contracts and insurance.

• Investigate what ‘New Space’ may spell in terms of future opportunities, risks and requirements.


Got any questions? No problem, here are a few of the most frequently asked ones.

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